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Stamp duty vs land tax: Which will cost you more?

From January 16 next year, first home buyers in NSW will have the choice of paying the regular lump sum stamp duty payment or the annual payment on properties valued up to $1.5 million.

Covid-19 shrank household size, lifted prices

The shrinking household size has acted to put more pressure on an already tight property market, creating a housing crisis. 

The Aussie suburbs where it's cheaper to buy than rent

Research has revealed that it is still cheaper to buy rather than rent around 27% of dwellings across Australia. 

17 Sydney suburbs cheaper than 5 years ago

Top 20 strongest global prime property markets for 2022 - and 5 Aussie cities made the list

The 12 best family-friendly suburbs in Melbourne

Property and shares drive household wealth to an all-time high

Here’s why housing affordability is worse than ever

Here’s how long it takes first-home buyers to save a deposit in each city

10 most expensive streets in Melbourne, revealed

CBA tackles “devastating” cost of financial abuse

10 most expensive streets in Sydney, revealed

Australia’s billionaires doubled their wealth during Covid pandemic

Is inflation good or bad for our economy?

Two Australian cities among the world’s best for 2021

Here's where house prices are rising by up to $20,000 a week

Sydney's median house price jumps another 24%

How much would Australia's property prices have risen without COVID-19?

Lenders are raising long-term fixed interest rates

Ten reasons why your home loan might be rejected

Millennials and Baby Boomers both claim they had it harder...

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