Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard is a property data nut-job. Jeremy is obsessed with understanding the drivers of capital growth. He is always on the hunt for new data and new ways of making property investment research less risky, more rewarding and faster.
Jeremy has bought properties without even visiting them that have doubled in value in less than three years with no renovation, development or subdivision.
Jeremy is an expert on property investment strategy: city vs region; buy vs sell; growth vs cash-flow; unit vs house; buy new vs old; fixed vs variable; high vs low LVR; own vs rent.

  • There’s a lot of talk that investors should target Brisbane now instead of Sydney. I found a really good indicator that contradicts this, and some isolated suburbs that have great potential. read more

  • Don’t be fooled by the fancy facts half-experts try to push. Most of them are only a little smarter than the average investor. If you know someone who is reading over one of those research reports, do them a favour and pass this message on. The more people we can educate the less damage the half-experts can do. read more

  • Sometimes market commentators will get desperate trying to explain why capital growth recently happened in a certain location. The claims can get pretty tenuous when the basic drivers of growth are misunderstood... read more

  • Over the years I’ve analysed very carefully what really works to drive prices up because when I invest my own funds I can’t afford for it to fail. However, some commentators are only interested in sounding smart to sell their business. So a lot of advice I hear is pretty ordinary. Some industry experts aren’t much smarter than a novice investor when it comes to understanding the drivers of capital growth. Many ideas like the high income earner suburb sound good in theory but fail in practise. A little extra thought is all that’s needed to see why. read more

  • Towards the end of 2014 some commentators said Brisbane’s year would be 2015. Is it playing out that way? Is Adelaide about to shine or is there some other surprise? Sydney has had a great run for the last couple of years. Is it running out of puff? If so, which city is next? read more

  • The way we research property locations is changing. New statistics are now available giving investors in the know a significant edge. The list of new stats is likely to explode over the next few years. read more

  • Many investors blindly look at median prices not realising how misleading they can be. I remember getting into trouble with medians when I was a novice investor. I thought I could easily find markets with upwards of 30% capital growth per annum. I even based some short-term financing on this nonsense. read more

  • There’s been a lot of mouthing off about how hard it is for 1st home buyers (FHB) to get into the market. I think I know what one of the problems might be. And if I’m right, the solution is quite simple. read more

  • Don’t let the catch-cry “These areas will always be in demand” mislead you. We need to understand exactly what demand is and how to gauge it if we’re to pick great growth locations. read more