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Shedding light on Manufactured Home Estates

Manufactured Home Estates are essentially relocatable, prefabricated dwellings located in designate estates. Increasingly they are gaining ground as a simple, affordable housing choice as a permanent home.

No one has ever become rich by doing nothing.

Before you buy into the hype, let’s separate the facts from the alarmist and the click-bait articles and negative media coverage that currently abounds, to show you that ‘doom and gloom’ isn’t the only attitude to take.

Why invest in property before the federal election?

We have had a slowdown in lending driven by APRA, which in turned cooled the property market mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, then The Royal Commission threw a spanner in the works by largely letting the banks off the hook and severely undermining the mortgage broking industry, not to mention curbing competition in the process. To cap it off, Labor has promised to change negative gearing rules and increase capital gains tax for investors.

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