New data revealed the most in-demand streets in the country, which are predominantly found in Melbourne.

Sydney’s property prices are generally higher than Melbourne’s. Nevertheless, Victoria’s capital is the home to eight of Australia’s 10 most popular streets for the three years up to March 31, according to data from Regent Street topped the list, followed by Perry Street, Joyce Street, and Jayson Avenue.

The results suggested that walkability and the attraction of designer homes are important factors in property buying, according to Chief Economist Nerida Conisbee.

“I think many of these streets really do have nice homes, and often they are streets where people are looking not just to buy, but for inspiration and ideas,” she said. “The idea that people are looking at our site for inspiration really becomes obvious when we look at the most popular streets. We can’t really see it as much when we look at popular suburbs, because often in suburbs pricing becomes far more important.”

Cross Street, situated in Sydney’s northern suburb Mosman, held the fifth spot. Melbourne’s Swinton Avenue, Forest Street, and Charlotte Place landed sixth, seventh, and eighth on the list, respectively.

Dauphin Terrace in Queensland and Glen Drive in Victoria completed the roster.