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By Grant Muddle, Managing Director of Malyshka Pty ltd.

Toowoomba has definitely surged out of the gate as one of Malyshka’s preferred geographic locations for building financial success. Toowoomba is Queensland’s largest inland city - a city with a strong, diverse economy including manufacturing, agriculture, education and tourism and on its doorstep is the Surat Basin resources province.

I am writing this report sitting in “Gelatissimo” the morning after Toowoomba’s favourite party, the Weetwood Handicap. Just like Miss Imagica, I’m looking to replicate my success! I am reviewing the “Output Summary” from Malyshka’s Real Estate Development Feasibility iPad App, for another Toowoomba project – Alderley Street Centenary Heights.

This site has great ‘Street Appeal”, has a wide street frontage, is a flat and level block, with 10+ restaurants and cafes in less than a 1km radius. There are Aldi, Woolworths and Coles outlets all less than 1.2km away, more than eight schools in a 1.1km radius, and the nearest park is less than 200m from the front door.
The feasibility app shows that I’m on the right track - a 60% return on invested equity (based on today’s market values).
That huge return is only available when you buy wholesale, which is what a partnership with Malyshka allows you to do. I like to say that this is how investing in property can be like buying a can of Coke.
Now, I am sure you understand that when you buy a can of coke at your local corner shop you are paying retail price. The local corner shop pays the wholesale price for the same can of coke and then sells it to you at retail – clearly the wholesale price is much lower than the retail price and that’s how the corner store makes a profit.
Malyshka is offering you the exact same profit opportunity via property. While the average investor buys property at retail price, suffering years and years of negative gearing pain watching cash flow out the door, the savvy investor buys at wholesale price - if not cost price.
At Malyshka we frequently get asked “is it possible to buy property at cost or near to it?” The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Our clients and partners are doing it right now!
Astute investors know that you have to build your equity in upfront by acquiring properties at cost price – not by paying retail! To do this you need to be involved in property development. Don’t buy the coke at retail, buy it at cost and sell it at retail!
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Grant Muddle is Managing Director of Malyshka Pty ltd, a property development specialist with a strong focus on the booming area of South East Queensland. You can reach Grant directly at 0419 846 799, or by going to

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