Building managers now have access to a free tool that can help them track COVID-19 cases.

The tracker, which was developed by technology provider MYBOS, allows users to access live updates on confirmed and isolated cases residing within an apartment block.

"We recognised the importance of social distancing and informing managers of confirmed cases so they could take control of the building and protect their property," said Sam Khalif, director at MYBOS.

Aside from tracking COVID-19 cases, the tool can also inform the building staff of the number of confirmed and isolated cases and provide a protection mechanism for all those who could potentially come into contact.

Furthermore, the technology has the ability to communicate with tenants through SMS, email, push notifications, and lobby screens.

"There is this inherent need for technology companies now more than ever to develop systems that will support the community in making safer decisions. This crisis requires us all to work together so we can deal with its effects in the best possible way," Khalif said.

While the tool is a free feature accessible to all businesses, personal data and private information of isolated and confirmed cases are not released to the public.