Sydney led the auction markets over the weekend in terms of activity, according to the latest figures from CoreLogic.

The New South Wales capital hosted 563 auctions over the weekend. While this auction volume is lower than the previous week, the city reported a higher clearance rate of 68.1%.

The decline in overall activity was observed across capital cities, down to 1,185 auctions.

"The lower activity which we have historically noted over school holiday periods, returned a preliminary clearance rate of 65.1%," said Jade Harling, analyst at CoreLogic.

Melbourne also registered fewer auctions but a higher success rate. Over the weekend, 439 Melbourne homes were auctioned, with 64.3% being sold.

The most successful capital city, however, was Canberra, where 81.6% of 58 auctions were successful.

The table below shows the auction performance of each capital city market:

Sydney led the auction markets in terms of activity