Managing your investment property portfolio is not an easy task. From finding the right property to meet your portfolio's needs to managing the different properties within it, much of what you need to do is tedious and time-consuming.

However, technology is quickly changing how we find, buy, own, manage and sell investment properties. Proptech is booming in Australia, with several different companies looking to make it easier than ever before for investors to manage their portfolio. According to global Proptech tracker Unissu, Australia has 265 companies playing in the Proptech space in Australia.

It's a broad category encompassing the full property lifecycle including development, agents, buyers and management. Rather than you trawling to find the best ones, we thought we'd compile a list of the top 5 Proptech platforms to watch for investment property.

1. TUDI – property market prediction

Deciding where and when to buy is never easy. It involves hours of trawling through the internet and various reports to uncover the next suburban gem. But not anymore.

TUDI is disrupting how you find your next investment property. Powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), big data and its proprietary property analysis algorithm, TUDI finds hot suburbs. Letting you know which suburbs it expects to outperform the market or when it's the best time to sell. It trawls the millions of data points across Australia's 15,000 suburbs. It then applies two different forecasting models (ARIMA and LSTM) to enable its algorithm to predict future price movement.

The best thing – TUDI has both a free plan and an investor-focused plan. Forget the crystal ball, TUDI eliminates the guesswork to reduce the risk in your property portfolio.

2. Listing Loop – pre-market property

If you're looking for the good stuff, look no further than Listing Loop. It's like VIP access to pre-market and off-market properties. So, once you've found that hot suburb, Listing Loop helps you find the most desirable property.

It lets users set up real-time alerts when a pre-market or off-market property matches their buying criteria. You can then be the first to enquire about the property through its simple dashboard before it hits the mainstream real estate websites. Helping you beat the market to the perfect investment property.

3. BRICKLET – investment property in fragments

BRICKLET is a platform that lets you buy smaller fragments of investment property. When building your property portfolio, it is an excellent way to plug gaps and create diversity.

Essentially, investment properties are broken into a number of fragments, or what the company calls "bricklets". Each bricklet is worth between $20,000 and $35,000 and comes with your name on the land title. Properties are typically independently managed, creating a passive investment opportunity. With ownership registered against the land title, fragmented property owners receive the same benefits of owning real property, like rental yield and capital gains in proportion to the number of bricklets they own.

Think of it this way: entire properties become your big rocks in your portfolio, and property fragments are your little rocks. Including both keeps your portfolio rocking, as you can ramp up the diversity in the property you own.

4. Joust – a mortgage marketplace

So, you've found the perfect property to invest in, but now you need the money to fund your investment. Look no further than Joust for your mortgage needs.

Joust is an online marketplace that connects lenders and borrowers, with up to 80 per cent of all home loan lenders on the platform to compete for your mortgage. It's free to use and non-committal. It's just a free tool to help you find lower home loan rates, watching the banks battle it out in real-time.

5. Yabonza – full-service property management

Buying an investment property is only half the challenge. The other half is managing it. From finding tenants and rent collection to routine inspections and conducting maintenance, Yabonza manages everything for you through its property management platform.

Yabonza's platform gives you an interactive real-time view of your entire property portfolio on any device, with a dedicated Asset Manager focused on driving your property investments' performance. Yabonza turns property investments from an active into a passive investment.

There are plenty of tools out there for investors, and there will inevitably be many more. But these five will help you complete and manage your portfolios. Ensuring your property portfolio continues to outperform the market throughout 2021