For anybody who has ever dreamed of being a super villain, a two bed and two bath house up for sale in California could very well be your dream lair.

The aptly named Volcano House is located at 50451 Silver Valley Rd, an isolated spot around 230 kilometres north-east of Los Angeles.

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While being isolated is a requirement for any villain looking to lay low from their arch nemesis, the Volcano House has other qualities that make it a likely lair location.

The house’s name is no lie, with the dome shaped building perched on top of a 50 metre high pinnacle of rock formed from volcanic eruptions, giving any prospective super villain the perfect place to hide their doomsday device.

There’s also little chance that anybody could sneak up on you, with the house looking over 24 hectares of the desolate Mojave Desert, making life difficult for anybody looking to surprise you and foil your plans of world domination.

The property also comes with a private lake that a true super villain could find a use or two for; possible ideas include filling it with crocodiles or piranhas.

The property carries a price tag of US$650,000 ($926,453), making it a relatively small investment for anybody looking for a base for their evil deeds.