“When investing in property, your long-term profits will depend on your ability to think like an owner-occupier,” said Ben Kingsley, the founding director of Empower Wealth and chair of Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).

Ahead of speaking at the Property Buyer Expo, which debuts this month at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kingsley said it’s essential for property investors to put themselves in the mindset of owner-occupiers for two very important reasons.

“Owner-occupiers buy with their hearts, emotionally, so they push prices higher to get exactly what they want, whereas investors should buy with their heads,” Kingsley said. “This makes owner-occupiers price makers. Smart investors should be price takers by buying property with high owner-occupier appeal.”

Kingsley will share other valuable tips with investors at the Expo, to be held Feb. 24-26, alongside industry gurus and leading property investment experts. They’ll share their insights about where property markets are headed, as well as shortcuts that will help investors best take advantage of current market conditions.

Kylie Mayer, organiser of the Property Buyer Expo, said the event would be an opportunity for investors to mingle with leaders, decision-makers, and influencers under one roof.

“It’s a must-attend event for those wanting to … break into the market, increase the value of their home, or build extra wealth through property investment,” she said.

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