Picture the scene: you’ve sourced an upmarket investment unit in an area of urban regeneration in a major capital city, found your tenants and all’s going well… until the government decides to install anti-aircraft missiles on the property’s roof. This is exactly what’s happened to landlords in a London apartment block close to the 2012 Olympic stadium.

Around 700 residents in an apartment block in Bow, east London, have been informed via leaflet that surface-to-air missiles could be placed on the building’s roof for two months as part of the UK’s Olympic defences, reported Associated Press.

According to the leaflet, the building, which is around 3km from the olympic stadium, offered the ideal view of the area and skyline above the Olympic park, but residents are less than happy with the prospect of having to put up with living in the shadow of a military base this summer.

"From the few people I've spoken to, and the security we have here, they're not happy about it," Resident Brian Whelan told AP. "I don't think it needs to be here at all."

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