YIP Talk Podcast

Episode 18 - May 2020 - COVID-19 and assessing property risks and opportunities

The economic grind of COVID-19 has placed new pressures on the real estate market. In this timely episode, host Sarah Megginson sits down to discuss navigating the pandemic-era market with property investment advisor and managing director of Streamline Property Buyers Melinda Jennison.

    • Episode 22 - Is the sky falling on investment property?

      Is there trouble on the horizon or are clearer skies ahead for investors? We're joined by Simon Pressley of Propertyology as he shares his predictions and analysis for the real estate market

    • Episode 21 - August 2020 - Will low mortgage rates drop lower?

      In terms of mortgages, borrowers are now substantially better off than they were this time six months ago. But will rates drop even further? In the latest episode of YIP Talk, Your Investment Property’s podcast, editor Sarah Megginson chats with Raj Ladher, home loan specialist at Your Mortgage Broker – and they dig right into the nitty gritty to do with the low home loan rates that are on offer right

    • Episode 20 - July 2020 - Forecasting amid market uncertainty

      How can investors interpret market trends amid the instability of COVID-19? To discuss tools for navigating the current market and forecasting its future, Sarah Megginson is joined by investment expert Simon Buckingham, director and mentor with Results Mentoring.

    • Episode 19 - June 2020 - COVID 19: Changes in tenancy and investor demand

      To relieve the financial burden of COVID-19 on renters, states and territories have put tenant relief packages in place. In this episode of YIP Talk, host Sarah Megginson is joined by Paul Wilson of Income2Wealth to explore how these packages are impacting investor appetite.

    • Episode 17 - April 2020 - Mastering the art of decision making

      In this episode, our host is joined by Simon Pressley, director and head of property market research at Propertyology, for a timely discussion of how investors can make sound decisions for optimal results, even in the most trying of times

    • Episode 16 - March 2020 - International Women's Day: Property investment for independent wealth

      In honor of International Women's Day, YIP is proud to celebrate women investors who are smashing property investment goals. This special episode features our magazine editor and podcast host Sarah Megginson, YIP publisher Kym Springer and guest Jenelle Paetow of AllianceCorp as they discuss their unique paths to property investment and strategies for women to realize financial success through property

    • Episode 12 - January 2019 - Myth-busting commercial property misconceptions for investors

      Scott O'Neill of Rethink Investing returns to dispel common myths surrounding commercial property investment. He and our editor Sarah Megginson sit down to discuss what barriers may be holding investors back from entering the commercial market, and how investors can move past these misconceptions to unlock believable returns.

    • Episode 11 - December 2019 - The results of this year's Property Investment Sentiment Survey

      What do Australian property investors plan to do in the year ahead? In this timely episode, just as the decade comes to a close, host Sarah Megginson unpacks the results of this year’s Property Investment Sentiment Survey with property commentator and investment advisor Michael Yardney. Some of the results - along with hot predictions of where to invest in 2020 - may surprise you

    • Episode 10 - November 2019 - Increase your borrowing capacity for 2020

      2019 is wrapping up and the start of a new year and decade is just around the corner. How can property investors increase their borrowing capacity and seize new investment opportunities in the new year and beyond? In this episode, our editor Sarah Megginson is joined by Michael Beresford, Director, Investment Services with OpenCorp, as the two discuss the year ahead and how investors can prepare for greater investment capacity and increased profits in 2020