By now you know how passionate I am about property depreciation… well, Washington Brown has just launched Australia’s first Property Depreciation iPhone App!

And it’s FREE if you visit the Washington Brown website or App Store on your iPhone.

The Property Depreciation App aims to provide you – the Property Investor - with an estimate of the likely tax depreciation deductions available on certain properties.

Our Property Depreciation App searches for similar properties across our extensive database and creates an estimate based on these actual properties.

So you’ll be able to quickly estimate the depreciation on all residential properties.

This is the first calculator to draw on real properties to determine an accurate estimate. By factoring this amount into your decision-making, the Property Depreciation App provides the ‘missing link’ in the property investment equation.

We’re hoping Real Estate Agents will embrace this tool when assisting clients with their investment decisions.

It will also help Accountants and Mortgage Brokers number crunch with clients.

But most importantly, this App will be great for you – the Property Investor – when trying to estimate what property suits your financial situation.

Download it now, for free, before I change my mind and start charging people!

Tyron Hyde is a director of quantity surveying firm Washington Brown.

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