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    • Many Australians are ‘accidental investors’ who start off with one property and amble their way forward. However, the most successful among us have a clear vision, sound strategy and set goals from the outset – something our reader Andy needs help with. read more

    • Paper-based conveyancing, which is the legal preparation of documents for the transfer of property, is complex and laborious. But with the rise of digitisation, our reliance on paper records and the physical presence of all relevant parties could become a thing of the past read more

    • There are so many 'sensational stories' of short-term rental guests' bad behaviour in the mainstream media but is it balanced reporting? We asked Natasha Winkler to explain some of the misconceptions about short stay rentals. read more

    • It’s easy to see that the housing market doesn’t perform evenly, with growth always moving from one location to another. But how can investors analyse recent growth locations to discover the markets that will benefit next under the ripple effect? read more

    • A few months ago, we cracked open Pandora’s box to uncover the answers to the unspoken questions you’ve always wanted to ask the property industry. The response was overwhelming, and after fielding even more of your questions we realised we’d only just scratched the surface. read more

    • The appetite for fast-food assets is outstripping supply and driving a market upswing. If you’re considering a move away from residential property, this type of investment offers strong yields and a low risk profile read more