The City of Adelaide is future proofing itself and paving the groundwork to attracting future industries and investors by rolling out the Ten Gigabit City Network.

As part of its “Smart City” agenda, Adelaide’s Ten Gigabit City Network will provide an interconnected hub – a new global fibre network and cloud-based data centre – that will deliver lightning fast 10Gb/s internet speeds. The network will enable businesses, institutions, governments, researchers, and entrepreneurs to tap into the network, connecting them with others and exporting their services around the world.

Far from competing with the current NBN roll out and the state government’s $4.7m Gig City Network, the Ten Gigabit City Network will complement these two networks, according to the City of Adelaide.

“A network of this type is more than just providing ultra-fast internet,” the City said. “The network will enable users to connect to a growing, global interconnected optical fibre network, accessing data at phenomenal speeds and ultra-low latency, leading global business tools/services, applications, content and innovations. This is achieved through synchronous connections with global interconnects and cloud providers.”

The Ten Gigabit City Network will prepare Adelaide for innovations like autonomous vehicle technology and sensory networks. “In fact, some of the users of this network are in industries and jobs yet to be created,” the City said.  

The network will contribute to the future economic development of Adelaide, and would be instrumental to attracting skilled and talented migrants to the South Australian capital.

Sectors and businesses that can benefit from the technology include:

  • Health services
  • Large and small defence technology companies
  • Education services
  • Software development
  • Data storage centres
  • Entertainment (film, special effects, and gaming etc.)

A vibrant and cutting-edge Adelaide would also provide numerous opportunities for investors, not just in residential and commercial property, but also in infrastructure, commerce, and emerging technologies.

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