While only time will tell if Australia can bring home the William Webb Ellis Trophy from this year’s Rugby Union World Cup, we do have already claimed one honour from the 19 other competing nations before a ruck or maul is formed.

Analysis from global real estate services firm CBRE has shown Australia holds the honour of having the highest average house price of any of the competing nations.

According to the CBRE research, Australia tops the price list with an average house price of £234,531 ($516,636), narrowly beating out Japan with an average of £231,650 ($510,289).

This year’s hosts, England are third among competing nations with an average house price of £195,400 ($430,436), with World Cup favourites New Zealand coming in fourth with an average price of £192,308 ($423,625).

Other favoured teams include Scotland, with the seventh highest prices at £168,000 ($370,078), France with the sixth cheapest at £105,110 ($231,541) and Argentina with the eighth cheapest at £108,526 ($239,066).