Brisbane will offer discounted infrastructure fees for developers building homes that meet the safer “universal building standards” for older residents and people with disabilities, according to a report from The Brisbane Times.

The Brisbane City Council announced the plan in June, with a $2m budget offsetting the reduced developers’ infrastructure charges, the report said.

Under the scheme, a developer can apply for a reduced infrastructure fee between $3,000 and $5,000 provided they build homes meeting the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines for people with disabilities, according to the report.

The charges depend on the type of the dwelling built and its provided services like water, stormwater drains, and sewerage services, the report said.

The  design elements include a “step-free” pathway from the street entrance to the dwelling entrance, a ground-level toilet, a shower where people do not have to step into the shower and reinforced walls in the toilet, and shower and bathroom with grab-rails that can be permanently attached, according to Liveable Housing Australia’s guidelines.

The move to reduce fees will help people needing assistance under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, according to the Property Council.

“This initiative aims to provide purpose-built housing for our ageing population and those with a disability and will assist those seeking funding under the Specialist Disability Accommodation through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),” the Property Council said.