A Your Investment Property reader has shared his frustrations with tenant complaints and has been rewarded

Congratulations go to online reader “Greg”, who earlier this week posted this week’s winning comment on the Your Investment Property website.

Greg was responding to an article posted on the weekend about complaints tenants have made against their landlords.

In response, Greg shared some of his complaints with tenants:

“One bed bug I have with tenants is when you rent a property, you rent it in an ‘as is’ condition. If something is not working, hot water etc, sure, the landlord must fix asap.

“I wish I had a dollar for every tenant that within a month of signing a lease started demanding for home improvements: hand railing for the shower, new carpet, ‘remove the carpet as I have an allergy’, re-align the concrete driveway, move the carport gate & fence, install a separate switch for the bathroom fan. The list goes on.

“If you're a good tenant and been renting for say 3 years, I'll consider. If you just moved in then answer is no, bugger off.”

As this weeks’ Comment of the Week winner, Greg gets a bottle of wine. Have you had bad tenants? Why not share your experiences on our online forum or in our comments section below…