Join the debate! Explain what strategies you would adopt in a mining town or tell us what’s on your mind and you could win a bottle of wine like lucky reader Andrew Thom 

This week’s winner of best comment belongs to Andrew Thom, who shared his building insights with other Your Investment Property readers through our online forum. 

Here’s what he said in response to this article about purchasing property in mining towns. 


“I am a builder working in a mining area in Northern Qld. I have been there for the past 12 months and have found that if you can build a quality product in the right area your long term returns will be greater than building a substandard house that may need constant maintenance. 

“In these towns there are plenty of individuals who are making a lot of money and are crying out for a quality home to rent or purchase and are willing to pay for quality, not just a mass project house from project builders.” 

- Andrew Thom

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