The votes have been counted, the verdict of our judges finalised. Your Investment Property’s Property Investor of the Year has been revealed!

Released in our first issue of the New Year, the winner of the award is a shining example of how everyday Australians, from any walk of life, can achieve incredible wealth through property investing – simply by thinking differently from the pack.

The award has a history of revealing the smartest property investors in the country. 2010 winner Patrick Cornwall has a multi-million dollar property portfolio, while 2011 winners Renae McGlashan and John Thomas were able to build a $2m portfolio while working as cashiers in a fast food outlet. 2009 winner Prue Muirhead has also gone onto become a leading property investment adviser.

This year’s winner could be the most innovative investor the award has seen yet.

To find out who the winner is, grab a copy of Your Investment Property’s next issue. Coming soon.

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