A major infrastructure project underway in Sydney is set to bring tens of thousands of new homes, many of them high rise units, to the city when completed.

According to plans released by the New South Wales government, more than 13,000 new homes will be built over the next two decades in the areas surrounding the Kellyville, Showground and Bella Vista stations, which form part of the $8.3 billion Sydney Metro Northwest rail project.

“Our plans will support these precincts to become vibrant new towns, with new homes close to jobs, parks, shops and restaurants,” Stokes said.

“These plans will shape the future of this area over the next 20 years,” he said.

The government claims it will also deliver 14,000 new jobs, areas for schools, high quality public spaces, pedestrian and cycle links and road upgrades in the station precincts.

The area around Kellyville station is expected to see around 4,200 new homes over the next 20 years, many of them located in apartment buildings near the station that will be between six  and 15 stories tall.

Apartment buildings up to six stories tall will be built further out from the station, while nearby Stanhope Gardens could see apartment buildings up to 14 stories tall.

In Castle Hill, the Showground station precinct is expected to see around 5,000 new homes, with the area near the station to see apartment buildings between six  and 20 stories.

The precinct’s outer area has been set aside for townhouse developments up to three stories high.

The Bella Vista station precinct is also expected to see around 4,200 new homes, with apartment buildings between three  and 20 stories high planned for areas nearby the station.

The precinct's outer areas have been put aside for townhouses and some detached homes.

Castle Hill state MP Ray Williams said the plans were the first of their kind ever proposed for Sydney’s north-west.

“The opportunity to provide residential growth for new vibrant communities, together with a world-class public transport system is a first for the north western Sydney region,” Williams said.