Admit it. Deep inside you want to own your place in the sun. And if you really want to live it up, you may want to head down to the Ambergris Caye in Belize, the world’s number one island as voted by TripAdvisor.

For the price of a shack in the middle of Australia, you could own a roomy studio condo on the beach at just A$165,000 (US$150,000), according to

A one-bedroom condo will set you back anywhere between $181,000 and $275,000, while a two-bedder will cost you from $220,000, depending on the location.

A free-standing villa home in a managed complex with access to pool piers and other amenities costs around $440,000, while villa homes cost from $907,000 up to $1.595m.

Ambergris Caye is currently a hot tourist destination and was voted the world’s number one island by TripAdvisor for the second year running.

It boasts excellent transport, healthcare, food and communication facilities throughout, making it more convenient for residents.

Under Belize laws foreign nationals can own property on the island, enjoy low real estate taxes and pay no capital gains tax.