A group of property sector experts have teamed up to launch an offensive against the “spruikers” who are plaguing the industry.

Called Your Property Team, the group is made up of Destiny Financial Solution’s Margaret Lomas, Australian Property Monitors’ Andrew Wilson, consumer advocate Lisa Montgomery, BMT’s Bradley Beer, Bishop Collins’ Ian Rodrigues and Block Strata’s Michael Teys.

Lomas said the main problem facing the sector is a lack of regulation and a failure on behalf of the federal government to recognise property investing as an industry.

 “I’ve been lobbying the government, both Liberal and Labor, for around 8 years now, to step up to the plate and provide supervision and control to prevent the often spectacular financial losses  by hapless property investors who fall prey to spruikers.

She said that she has seen some really sad cases of every day Australians losing all they have worked for and having nowhere to turn and no laws to back them up.

Your Property Team will get their mission started by running a series of one day workshops around the country.

Lomas said the workshops will feature experts with “nothing to sell except their expertise” and simply aim to educate would-be investors.

“We hope to go some way toward making it hard for the spruikers who offer ridiculously expensive ‘boot camps’ and workshops to get business.

“There’ll be no upgraded course costing tens of thousands of dollars on offer and definitely no property to sell at the end – just a full day of current information, from six highly skilled experts, to help you make the most of 2015.”

Sydney will host the first of the seminar series: The Sydney Property Intensive will take place on 28 February at Northside Conference Centre in Crows Nest.

Melbourne and Brisbane will follow, with seminars to be held in other capital cities as demand dictates.

Topics will include growth drivers, the national state of the market, financing your portfolio, depreciation strategies and strata titled property.