This year we celebrate more than a decade of searching for incredible stories of property inspiration and success.

Our annual property investment awards program continues to up the ante. Every year it attracts a diverse and inspiring group of investors, who share their stories of property success from all across Australia.

Designed to help us find Australia’s leading property investors and celebrate their success at different points in the journey, our annual Investor of the Year Awards aim to shine a light on those who are willing to be brave, bold, and tenacious in the face of a swiftly evolving property and finance environment.

Truly, this year’s contestants were a cut above the average!

Our judges selected winners across three distinct categories.

First, the Strategic Investor: this is someone who has been investing for some time and who has developed some sound strategies for wealth creation and success through real estate.

Next is the New Investor: with this award we recognise and celebrate the achievements of an investor who is relatively new to property, and who has been active for five years or less.

And finally our Reno Investor: a person (or team) who has leveraged renovating to boost their property profits. This award celebrates those who are adding a little sweat equity to their journey.

Keep in mind that this competition is not simply about the dollar-value performance of a portfolio; investing is never that simple. That’s why when our judges (see boxout) were reviewing entries they sought out other unique and meaningful factors that contribute to property investing success.

The end result is three very deserving investors who will share almost $19,000 worth of cash and prizes. So, without further delay, we present Your Investment Property’s 2019 Investor of the Year award winners. If these investors don’t inspire you with their achievements and motivate you to take action towards your property goals, then nothing will!

Strategic Investor of the year 2019: Scott O'Neill

New Investor of the year 2019: Holger Detje

Reno Investor of the year 2019: Cherylee Stokes