One of Australia’s leading real estate networks has given investors instant access to detailed reports thanks to a new smartphone app.

LJ Hooker recently launched its Property Data app which allows users to receive free reports via email for residential properties.

The reports include general information about a property, such as the number of bedroom and bathrooms, as well as more detailed information on a property’s past including previous sale prices and time spent on the market.

LJ Hooker chief innovations officer Ryan Campbell said the app had been introduced as people were no longer confining their property research to desktop computers.

“We sit with iPads in front of the television, scroll through smartphones waiting at the bus stop; information needs to be mobile, instantly accessible and easy to use,” Campbell said.

“The app allows buyers to access past details on a home or apartment including property details and sales history. Many properties also include previous photos of a home stretching back what could be decades.


“This is all even if the home is not currently for sale as its available information – we’ve just made it easily accessible.”

With users required to input some basic details such as an email address and phone number to receive a report, the app is also set to help estate agents connect with potential buyers.

“It’s a valuable engagement tool for our offices and agents, enabling LJ Hooker to get in touch with consumers once they request a property report,” Campbell said.