The Mascot Towers fiasco is still under investigation, and engineers will need another four weeks to determine the cause of the problems in the Sydney building— signalling that owners and residents are unlikely to return home in the short term.

Nearly 250 owners met on Thursday for an update on Mascot Towers, which was evacuated on June 14 due to cracking in its primary support structure and facade masonry, according to

The owners became frustrated after learning that the "vital information" from the local council is not yet available, despite receiving some documents in the previous days, according to owners' corporation spokesman Patrick McGuire.

About a week ago, the Bayside City Council failed to immediately retrieve the documents requested by the engineers. Mayor Bill Saravinovski said the documents were stored at a site on the New South Wales central coast, causing the investigation process to be stalled.

"There was a deal of information that arrived yesterday, but upon examination (of) that information, additional information that had been requested has still not been provided," McGuire told AAP.

An engineer advised, though, that "signs of stability" were observed upon visiting the building.

"So the building has stabilised over the last week or so and the risk profile of the building has been downgraded and has improved," McGuire told AAP.

Fire and Rescue NSW arrived at the 10-year-old apartment block nearly three weeks ago. Since then, residents of its 132 units have been forced to stay somewhere else.