If you want to grow your wealth, you need to start with your end point in mind, according to Income2Wealth's Paul Wilson – that way, you work backwards and plot your pathway to riches.

Whether it's property, shares, developing, options of a mix of different strategies, the right choice for you can't be decided up, he argues, until you know what your end goal is.

How long do you want to tie your money up for... months? Years? A decade-plus? This is one of many considerations you need to ponder when planning your wealth creation strategy.

For those who have more immediate goals, Wilson's latest offerings could represent the right fit. Inviting investors to partake from as little as $500, these investments allow everyday Australians to pool their resources and invest in development projects and other profitable opportunities, with minimal risk and maximum returns – of up to 14% per annum.

In episode 3 of Your Investment Property [YIP] Talk, Sarah Megginson, editor of Your Investment Property magazine, chats with Paul about these new investment options he's bringing to the market that could see everyday investors take giant strides forward on their wealth creation journey.

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