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Cashing in on the market game changers: How to make money in a changing market

Australia’s property markets are shifting and will continue to see changes in the next 12 months. So how do you position yourself to take advantage of these game changers so you can continue to make big profit?


14 suburbs with the highest reno potential

Whether you’re renovating a property to hold or to sell, buying in the right area is crucial. But where should you look for maximum profit?


80 suburbs to find reno and flip opportunities

If you’re looking to make quick profit through renovation and flip strategy, we’ve got the best suburbs for you to start looking for opportunities

Success story: Daniel Pain

Daniel’s strategy is deceptively simple: buy and hold for the long term. But when he combined this with education and taking action, the results were nothing short of spectacular. Find out how he’s doing it


5 deal breakers that could harm your investment

How do you spot investment hazards that could derail your portfolio and what are the consequences if you neglect to check them?


The absolute beginner’s guide to negative gearing

If you’ve always wondered what negative gearing is all about but afraid to ask, you can now finally make sense of the concept with this easy to understand guide by Eddie Chung


Is borrowing through SMSF safe from the chopping block?

The recent Financial System Inquiry recommended banning SMSFs from borrowing to invest in property. What does it mean to you as an investor and what’s the likelihood it will materialise?


And much more!