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This jam-packed issue includes:

19 secret suburbs ready to rise high

Contrary to many media reports, not all markets around capital cities have surged during the past 18 months. There are still many pockets that have not experience growth spurt yet.


65 covert tactics experts use to score the best property deal

It’s a time-tested strategy to buy low and sell high. But how do you nab a good deal in a hot market like the one we’re in now?


How to find the best property using available data

With so much information now readily available to you as an investor, finding the best property has become easier than ever before. But the sheer volume of information can also get in the way of finding the right investment. So how do you quickly narrow down your search based on your strategy, so you can focus on the more time-consuming due diligence process?


How to find and engage the right buyer’s agent

A buyer’s agent can help you secure a better property, a better price, or both – provided you engage the right one. But before you do, we ask the experts which is the better investment: using a buyer’s agent, or getting a property education?


When is the right time to buy your next investment property?

How do you know you’re ready to buy your next investment property?


Master investor series:  Michelle Curtis-Powys

Building a solid property on your own may seem like a formidable task but as Michelle Curtis-Powys shows, all you need is an equally formidable resolve to do whatever it takes to succeed


Tax issues to consider when subdividing and selling land

Subdividing land and selling them off is one of the quickest ways to make money through property. But there are costly tax traps you need to be aware of.


Legal: NSW vs Queensland: Differences in the contract of sales

Buying interstate is a good way to diversify your portfolio but make sure you understand how to go about the buying process.