Web portal Rent.com.au has joined forces with Airbnb, partnering to encourage renters to ‘try before you buy’ by test driving a new neighborhood before signing a rental lease.

With a growing number of Australians opting to rent as a conscious lifestyle choice, Rent.com.au and Airbnb have signed an agreement that would allow renter the ability to book apartments, houses, private and shared rooms, and unique accommodation options for a short period, before committing to an area for a long-term lease.

With more than seven million Australian renting their homes, many will ask themselves, ‘Can I really see myself living here?’ before signing a lease.

“We love the idea of people ‘test driving’ their new community,” said Rent.com.au CEO Greg Bader.

“We can all look at the photos and descriptions on our website and that gives us a good idea of the property we are moving into, but it doesn’t really paint the full picture of a new community.

“Airbnb is a great way for people to get a real taste of what their new location is like and offers instant community connection. Entering into a new lease is a ‘big deal’ in terms of commitment, so why not take the time to really make sure an area is for you?”

According to data from Rent.com.au, 50 per cent of renters are expecting to spend around $300 per week on rental. With a one-night stay via Airbnb available under $100 per night, renters can make better-informed personal decisions in choosing their next home.