While it may be more traditionally associated with young people, it appears shared accommodation is becoming an increasingly popular option among older generations.

Recent user analysis conducted by online shared accommodation portal Flatmates.com.au, has revealed that early 2015 has seen a spike in the number of people aged 40 or over looking for shared accommodation.

According to their figures, the number of people aged 40 or above utilising Flatmates.com.au increased by 20% during January and February compared to the same period 12 months ago.

The 60-64 age bracket saw the largest increase, with users in that bracket increasing by 43%, while users aged 50-54 increased 31% and those aged 65 or above increased by 29%.

Flatmates.com.au chief executive officer Thomas Clement said the increase in older people looking for shared accommodation likely shows shared accommodation is becoming increasingly accepted among older generations, though it also likely some people have been forced into the option due to rising rents.

“There is definitely growing acceptance of shared living, particularly amongst those over 50. Some are interested in living with others for company, while many are looking to cut down on their living costs,” Clement said.

“In some cases, it has simply come down to people being priced out of the steep rental market and being left with little choice but to share,” he said.

The increased use of the portal by those aged over 40 means they now account for one in every 12 members of Flatmates.com.au and Clement expects that proportion to grow.

“This time last year, those over 40 only accounted for around one in 17 members looking for a place, we expect that ratio to continue to decrease,” he said.

“Share accommodation is no longer just housing for students or those moving out of the family home; sharers have become far more diverse and include anyone from single mums to retirees.”