Public school catchments, particularly those in Sydney, are giving nearby property prices a shot in the arm.

New figures from Domain in their 2015 School Zone Report have revealed that house values in the suburbs that make up the catchment zones of well-known public schools have risen dramatically over the 12 months to the end of April.

Domain Group senior economist Andrew Wilson said some school catchments were driving so much interest in certain suburbs that what side of the street a house is located on was affecting prices.

"Education is a growing part of the equation that can drive prices higher," Dr Wilson told Fairfax media.

"Agents tell us sometimes houses on one side of the street can be sold for 10 per cent higher or more than their counterparts across the road, simply because they fall within the catchment zone of a sought-after government school."

Houses in the catchments of well-known government primary schools have experienced the biggest growth, especially in NSW, where nine of the top 10 are located. 


 Rank  School name  State   Postcode   12 month Catchment Growth 
1 Parramatta Public School NSW 2150 56.5%
2 Ashbury Public School NSW 2193 46.6%
3 Oatley Public School NSW 2223 44.9%
4  Meadowbank Public School  NSW 2112 43.1%
5 Epping Public School NSW 2121 41.0%
6 Glenfield Public School NSW 2167 38.1%
7 Ryde Public School NSW 2112 35.9%
8 Balmain Public School NSW 2041 34.8%
9 Bicton Primary School WA 6157 34.0%
10 Pagewood Public School NSW 2019 33.3%

Catchment zones for high schools haven’t seen quite the same level of growth, but again NSW takes nine of the top 10 positions. 


 Rank  School name  State   Postcode   12 month Catchment Growth 
1 Strathfield Girls High School NSW 2135 38.6%
2 Ryde Secondary College NSW 2112 31.0%
3 Quakers Hill High School NSW 2763 27.1%
4 Blakehurst High School NSW 2221 25.7%
5  Cherrybrook Technology High School  NSW 2126 24.1%
6 McKinnon Secondary College VIC 3204 22.9%
7 Epping Boys High School NSW 2122 22.9%
8 Alexandria Park Community School NSW 2015 22.8%
9 Castle Hill High School NSW 2154 22.1%
10 Model Farms High School NSW 2153 21.7%
Source: 2015 Domain School Report.

Full capital city break downs can be found in the report.