The state government of South Australia has announced the completion of the $10m maintenance boost aimed at supporting jobs and the economy amid the impacts of the COVID-19.

According to the SA Housing Authority, the state has completed the $10m worth of maintenance works across more than 1,400 public housing properties.

The stimulus provided upgrades ranging from painting, lighting, and roofing. It also included significant works including new kitchens and bathrooms. The properties were also equipped with energy efficient solutions.

Michelle Lensink, minister for human services, said the works were completed quickly and efficiently and supported 160 South Australian jobs.

"The $10 million maintenance stimulus is now complete and was a deliberate and targeted response to keep local contractors in jobs and ensures our construction and building industry is supported at this unprecedented time," she said.

Lensink said the maintenance works included preventative maintenance measures, extending the life of the properties and making them suitable for longer-term living.

"It’s not only boosting work for our trades but making life better for our tenants," she said.

The $10m stimulus was part of the $75m commitment of the government towards its new housing strategy. A further $21.1m maintenance stimulus is expected to be completed by mid-2021. This will include upgrades to properties in metropolitan Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.