While Sydney’s median house price hovers around $1 million, for around a third of that you could come away with an entire village in one European country.

The village of O Penso in north-western Spain is up for sale after becoming abandoned following the death of its last resident over a decade ago.

The village carries an asking price of US$230,000 ($320,000) and a buyer will definitely get value for money.

The village is set on 40 hectares and consists of six houses, three large barns a bakery and well providing free water.

The largest house features hardwood floors and five bedrooms overlooking an orchard of peaches, figs, walnuts, apples and pears.

It’s also just under 10 kilometres from the Spanish coast line.

As older generations pass away, villages such as O Penso are left abandoned as younger generations move to larger cities in search of employment, but real estate agent Mark Adkinson, a British ex-pat who now calls Spain home, said many people wish to see the villages be lived in.

When you talk to the old people, tears come into their eyes," Adkinson told American media outlet NPR.

"They say, 'Oh, there were a lot of kids, this place was alive!' They'd like to see these places picked up and turned around. They don't want them to die."

Adkinson told NPR there are hundreds of abandoned villages in the Spanish countryside and there was plenty of interest in them from overseas buyers such as retirees from Britain or people looking to establish lifestyle retreats.

“There's also an American who already lives in Spain and wants to set up an English school here,” he said.

“I've got lots of buyers who want to go back to nature — and let's face it, there's nothing more natural than this.”