Rental Platform RentBetter has inked a deal with building and pest inspection company Rapid Building Inspections to help self-managing property owners book property inspections.

RentBetter integrates Rapid Building Inspections in its online platform, allowing property owners to book qualified third-party professionals at an affordable rate to conduct property condition inspections and manage other critical services.

A survey by RentBetter showed that around a third of Australia’s two million landlords are looking to save money by actively managing their own rental properties.

RentBetter CEO and founder Jeremy Goldschmidt said exit and entry condition reports are traditionally completed by agents through in-person checks or by tenants submitting reports online, but this new partnership will put property owners in the driver’s seat.

“It’s essentially a game-changer for those who own and manage their own rental property, with a new layer of security provided in knowing condition reports can be organised anywhere, at any time through the click of a button,” he said.

Mr Goldschmidt said this partnership would help property owners especially at a time when rising interest rates put pressure on costs.

“With property owners paying an average of $2,000 property management fees each year, the new integration will give self-managing landlords streamlined access to professional inspectors and services at a fraction of the cost,” he said.

Rapid Building Inspections director Daniel Watts said the partnership with RentBetter is part of the extension of the company’s building and pest inspection business.

“The synergies between RentBetter platform and Rapid Building Inspections allows us to deliver a compelling proposition for property owners, to help them reduce costs and gain greater control over their rental properties,” he said.

Photo by @edwardutra on Pexels