Aussie tenants have revealed their property wish lists, and some of their must-haves reveal a generational shift.

Commissioned by telecommunications company Optus and carried out by research company McCrindle, the Renter of the Future survey claims to have identified the top five qualities tenants in Australia are looking for when considering a rental property.

The top two qualities on the list are unlikely to surprise anyone, with 38% of tenants putting parking as their most sought after feature, while 32% of tenants are looking for properties that are pet friendly.

A cable internet connection (31%), a strong mobile signal (25%) and the number of power points in a room (22%) rounded out the list.

McCrindle principal Mark McCrindle said factors three through five on the list represent how tenant’s preferences have evolved in recent times.

“Renters comprise nearly a third of Australian households. For the modern Aussie renter technology underpins and has become completely fused with their lifestyle” McCrindle said.

“This group is among the first to jump onto new technologies, keeping abreast of the latest trends and, where possible, the latest devices. Accessing the internet quickly from their new rental property is a must for them,” he said.

Vanessa Tsokos, director of North Shore Property Management said she was not surprised that technological features are so desired by tenants.

“I manage a few older properties that might have only one or two power points in a room and it’s definitely something tenants take notice of,” Tsokos said

“What I find is that those older properties are usually leased out for shorter terms with the owners looking to renovate in the future and install things like more power points. Until then most landlords are willing to supply power boards to tenants,” she said.

While a cable internet connection may seem like more of a luxury than a necessity, Tsokos said landlords should strongly consider ensuring their property has that capability.

“Having a cable connection, whether it’s for Foxtel or for broadband is a big thing these days,” she said.

“A lot of people just expect a property will that capability.”

While Tsokos said most landlords recognise the importance of having a property that suits the preferences of a more technological society, she said some should consider changing their attitudes towards one of the more traditional preferences.

“A lot of people who say not to pets do so because they’ve had a bad experience in the past, but if you have the right management strategy it can be a real advantage to consider allowing them.

“I have a few properties where we say pets will be considered on application by application basis, Because it’s so hard for people to find places that will allow them the properties that do become sought after and nine times out of 10 I’ll find a suitable tenant after the first showing.”