Tasmania’s state government has kickstarted efforts to review the local housing market and explore options to solve the most pressing housing issues.

Minister for State Development, Construction and Housing Michael Ferguson said the Tasmanian Housing Strategy will open the table for stakeholders to have their say on practical actions to improve the sustainability of the housing market.

The formation of the Tasmanian Housing Strategy stemmed from the recommendations of the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council.

"Tasmanians can get more information, including details on the extensive consultation opportunities that will open over coming months, as we bring together experts in government, research, community, business and construction to provide advice on how to increase opportunities for Tasmanians to get affordable and secure housing," Mr Ferguson said.

The Tasmanian Housing Strategy aims to discuss issues and think of solutions to the issues concerning the housing market in the areas of regulatory systems, strategic land use planning, policies, taxes, subsidies, and capital investment.

"We have a strong plan to respond to rising house prices due to economic growth, more people in jobs and population growth."

A series of papers will be released by March 2022.

The government will be accepting written submissions during the consultation period scheduled over March to May 2022. The Tasmanian Housing Strategy is expected to be released in October 2022.

Tasmania clocks robust housing indicators

Figures from REA Group showed that property prices in Tasmania and Hobart grew by 1% in July.

Sales activity trended higher compared to last year, up 22.9% in Hobart and 33% in regional Tasmania.

The state also recorded record-low days-on-market, with houses taking only 23 days to get sold in Hobart and 41 days in regional Tasmania.

"While increasing house prices are a national issue, our state is one of the safest and most desirable places in the world to work and raise a family, which is why so many want to live here," Mr Ferguson said.