While many Australians grow more concerned about a housing bubble and interest rates, not-for-profit Habitat for Humanity Australia has launched a website that appears to sell lakeside, ocean view, and alfresco homes for as low as $3,000.

The group said its goal was to provide disheartened house hunters with some light relief, but also to shed light on a serious global housing crisis.

The website www.realvaluehousing.com.au leads to a page that targets properties at investors and owner-occupiers, including a lakeside dwelling with your own private stagnant water source, not to mention a ‘studio’ unit made of bamboo sticks.

A click on any portion of the homepage makes a video pop-up, summarising the advocacy of the group.

The median house price in Sydney – an all-time high of $811,837 – can build 400 houses in Nepal or 200 in Cambodia.

"The reality is that these 'homes' represent the substandard housing that condemns millions of families across Asia Pacific to live in poverty and disease without access to safe water, sanitation or even a locking door,” chief executive Martin Thomas said.

He noted they are “not trying to make people feel guilty or dismiss the very real housing problems in Australia. But sometimes it is good to look around at some of the challenges other people are facing".

The website campaign is supported by the Department of Foreign Affair and Trade to raise awareness of the growing rate of slums and the need for adequate housing.