Property Investment Q&A

  • We bought our company title duplex in June 2013 for $880,000, with the intention of it being our long-term place of residence. However, by the time the property settled a few months later, we were not in a position to move in, and therefore rented it out until June 2014. We then moved into the house and have lived there ever since. read more

  • We own no other property and have continued to live in our family home; however, we do pay all the bills, the owner’s rates and the land tax bill. Therefore, is her original home subject to CGT from 2005, or would she qualify for a partial exemption under the six-year rule? read more

  • We built a house, our first home, in 2009 and lived in it till July 2015. Then we bought another house elsewhere (a higher-value property than the first home) and moved into it in July 2015. Our first home is currently a rented property, which has been let out from July 2015 until now. We plan to sell the rented property. read more