Property Investment Q&A

  • Q: I’ve got a Sydney ground floor investment unit which has been happily rented to a young couple for a couple of years. They’ve asked me if they can get a pet: I wouldn’t mind this, as they’re good tenants and I want to encourage them to say for the long term. However, the strata says no to pets. Can I get them to change it? Is it worth the hassle and what would the implications be if I went against the strata? read more

  • Q: I’m an owner occupier of a flat in a block of 12. One of the flats is commission housing and, coincidentally, the tenant of that flat is very much a nuisance – making noise and committing other misdemeanours. I’d like to get this house to become privately owned and hopefully get a higher quality tenant there. What should I do? read more

  • Q: I’d like to know how to get the best valuation on the house I’m planning to sell. What are things that valuers look at that I could work on to help my case? Obviously I can’t change what city, suburb and street it's in, but are there some changes that I can do to the house itself to improve the valuation? read more

  • Q: I recently sold my house and soon received a letter from the buyer complaining about things that aren’t working. The issue is that these things didn’t work well before exchange. Will I still be liable? read more

  • Q: Seeing as the market’s quite slow at the moment, I’m looking into renovating to add value to my properties. I’ve seen them as ‘set and forget’ investments so far, so am new to the world of renovation. How do I go about working out if it’s worth renovating, and what kind of renovations will increase a property’s value? read more

  • Q: I’m trying to understand the cash flow versus capital growth argument. Is one investment strategy considered better than the other? I’m a single, high-income investor based in Canberra – is one strategy better suited to me than the other? read more

  • Q: I own an apartment and have recently rented it out to go back to university. I'm now considering buying another property as an investment property with the vision to move into it after around a year. Can I claim stamp duty and other initial costs on the second unit, as it is an investment property, if I am going to move into it in about a year? read more

  • Q: I’m looking to purchase a three-bedroom house in southern Sydney, with a view to renovating and selling in two or three months for a profit. I’d like to know if CGT is calculated at different tax rates for individuals and corporations. If so, what is the best way to structure the purchase? read more

  • I’ve had my home for more than 20 years, but have decided to downsize and move closer to the city. It’s a pretty old place and I was wondering what the merits are of knocking it down, subdividing and then selling the land? It’s my PPOR, so will I have to pay CGT? read more