Property News Update: 6th July 2018


What's made the news this week?

Keiran, Sarah and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.

1. Freelancer finance foiled  
The workforce is more fluid than ever and mortgage lending is about to become more rigid. That’s a recipe for friction... READ MORE

2. No reserve auction for sick kids  
THE benefactors of a rare no-reserve auction will be sick kids across the country, after a generous bloke left his home to the children’s cancer charity — and it sold for more than $750,000... READ MORE

3. Online danger from pop-up experts
A Buyer’s Agent warning about online property investment ‘experts’ caught our eye… READ MORE
In this story the team also mention a link to an article from a recent YIP magazine that deals with finding someone you can trust... READ MORE

4. Sobering statistics
Housing prices across Australia slipped again last month, with prices continuing to fall since they peaked in September last year... READ MORE

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