The secrets of successful property investment

All the tips and tricks of property investing crammed into one not-to-be-missed educational webinar we held on 17th September 2019, in proud partnership with OpenCorp.

You will discover:
• How to get a clear understanding of the investment world, so there are no more smoke and mirrors.
• 3 steps that allow you to find the deal of a lifetime, every day of the week.
• The tools and checklists you can use to buy the best performing investment property, every time.

You’ll also learn:
• How even a modest income is no barrier to successful property investing
• How to pay off your own home in 10 years, not 30.
• The telling signs to avoid the sharks who circle the property industry.
• How passive income from growth property can fund a life you never thought possible.
• Where the next hot spot suburbs across Australia are, launching you into 2020…

Your Investment Property Video brings you closer to the industry's most influential leaders and thinkers.
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