YIP magazine a hit at Homebuyer Show

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The Your Investment Property magazine exhibit was the place to be for thousands of savvy Property Investors who made their way to the Home Buyers show in Sydney at the weekend.  Investors swarmed the stand to get their hands on the latest copy of Your Investment Property magazine and to sign up for subscription and e-newsletters.
“If you want to be a professional property investor, you can’t go wrong in choosing a magazine like Your Investment Property.”
“The statistics on the back are really good.  I find that they are a bit more comprehensive than the other magazines.  I also tend to find the stories probably relate to me just a little bit more.”
“The YIP magazine is a great tool.  I think it is an excellent publication, it really helps investors get a handle on what’s happening in the market, some current trends, some ideas on hot spots.  So it’s a great educational tool.”
“The magazine has a lot of good articles, lot of information and it gives you a lot of good insight in investing in property.”
A host of high profile speakers offered their best tips on a range of topics including the hottest suburbs, capital raising as well as investment strategies that work.
“Buying close to median price, buying in areas that have strong infrastructure, strong population growth and a diverse range of employment.  Really I often use the acronym pie, easy as pie, population, infrastructure and employment.”
“I like buying development sites.  I like buying duplex sites, triplex sites with an existing house on it, that I could add value to.  I don’t want to be looking at buying a unit or an off the plan or a house or land package that’s a finished product, because I can’t add value, I can’t add a second rental income.”
“The government is not going to afford your age pension for too much longer.  You got to get yourself in a position where you got to be financially independent and the only way to become financially independent is to have a good investment strategy.  A great investment strategy is going to include a self managed super fund and preferably with a bit of a leaning towards property.”
Industry experts were on hand throughout the event to offer advice on everything from building granny flats to investing in foreign property markets.  And for all you need to know about buying property, Your Investment Property magazine has it covered.

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