Expert Advice by Paul Wilson 21/10/2015
‘Winning at life’ – it’s a phrase that means something a little different to everyone.  


But the measure of success should never be aligned to your finances. 


As the saying goes, “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”  


Ultimately, you want to be able to make a positive contribution to the planet, while at the same time, identify a way to provide for yourself and your family without being dependent on others. 


Investing is something that I do myself.  


I’m fortunate that I have the opportunity to teach others how they too can succeed with property  - but not without acknowledging the need to have a healthy balance between work and life.


If you’ve thought about investing but have some reservations – don’t, because I’m happy to show you how to win at life with property investing.


The biggest thing that differentiates those winning in the property space and those who aren’t is a simple thing – structure.


It sounds boring, but this simple concept has immense power in determining your future… and that’s something you want to have a little control over. 


But to achieve structure, you need to answer two simple questions.


Where are you going?

Answering ‘where are you going’ forces you to acknowledge your aspirations and goals.


Now, this may not strictly relate to property. It could be something to do with retirement, giving your kids an inheritance or even changing careers.


The key here is that property can be the vehicle to reach all those goals.


Answering this question will not only give you a better understanding of your goals but will help determine how realistic your goals are and where they could be adjusted.


This increased level of self-awareness creates a solid foundation to build upon, as the only way to invest is with a purpose.


How do I get there?

You need a road map to win at life.


Where are those stops along the way? What are the milestones and the process to achieve your goal?


This road map is the first step in building an investment property structure.


Your road map should assess your previous investing experience, your tolerance for risk and the timeframe for your goals.


This is the point where you should get some expert advice. Everyone needs a little help, especially if you want to win big at life.


A property investment expert can give you advice on structuring your finances in the right way, defining your goals, assessing your risk profile and help you find the right properties.


The right professional advice will steer you in the right direction and keep you accountable to your goals.


What then?

Now that you’ve formed your structure and got some advice around your strategy, you’ve created the mindset you need kick things off to your future success.


You know your goals and you know how to achieve them, but nothing will ever be achieved without transferring those intentions into action.


If you need help assessing your goals or structuring your property investments (for your first – or twenty-first! –property purchase) call We Find Houses on 1800 600 890 or email


Paul Wilson is an Independent Property Investing Expert and the founder of We Find Houses, Educating Property Investors & We Find Finance. Paul has been educating and coaching investors since 2001. Paul provides valuable, independent guidance and support by teaching strategies on how you can invest successfully while protecting yourself from commission hungry sales agents and property spruikers. Protect yourself with knowledge, contact Paul today for a complimentary consultation on 1800 600 890 or email

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