Selling Property Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • Getting your home valued is a great way to ascertain your property’s worth, but at around $400, it’s also pricey. We’ve investigated the other less expensive – and free - options available to homeowners and property investors. read more

    • Property assessment is not a science beyond the realms of the average investor and while valuers make it their business to know the ins and outs of their markets, a few simple principles can help you ensure that you're on your way to paying the right price for the right property - right from the get go. read more

    • The federal government's proposal to scrap exit fees is a double-edged sword for consumers. read more

    • When it comes to property, experts say the longer you hold it, the bigger your potential gains. But is there a good time to sell your investment? Nila Sweeney reports read more

    • Employing a real estate agent to market your property can be a costly business, so why not just do it yourself? read more

    • Property valuers spend years acquiring the skills necessary to make accurate assessments, but there are a few simple principles they employ that can assist you in deciding what a prospective investment might be worth. Kieran Clair, certified practising valuer at Herron Todd White, reveals some important tips read more