There’s no better way to get inspired about how to create wealth from property than by reading about those who have been there, done that, and kicked some massive goals along the way.  


Our annual Property Investor of the Year awards program aims to do just that!  


Every year we continue to be impressed by the calibre of entrants and the array of stories investors share with us. The awards attract a diverse and inspiring group of investors to tell us their stories of real estate success from all over Australia, with more than a few enlightening tales of mishaps and mistakes along the way.


Designed to help us find Australia’s most impressive property investors so we can celebrate their success at different parts of the journey, our annual awards shine a light on those who are willing to be courageous, persistent and positive in the face of an ever-evolving property and finance environment.  


Our panel of expert judges reviewed entrants and selected winners across three distinct categories:

•    Strategic investor: someone who has been investing for some time (at least five years) and who has developed sound strategies for wealth creation and success through real estate.

•    New investor: recognising and celebrating the achievements of an investor who is relatively new to property (active for five years or less) but has achieved great results nonetheless.

•    Reno investor: a person or team who have leveraged renovating to boost their property profits; this award celebrates those who are achieving great things by building sweat equity.

This year, the calibre of entries was outstanding and our judging panel had quite the task in front of them when reviewing the finalists’ entries. Speaking of our judges, let’s meet them!


So… who were the big winners?

Strategic Investor of the Year: Sam Gordon

Boasting a massive portfolio of thriving properties, Sam Gordon has come a long way since he was a teenager who wanted to spend all his savings on a cool car. With a strategic approach that sees him invest ‘bread and butter’ properties I buy below market value in high-growth locations with strong cash flow – along with high cash-flow properties and manufactured equity deals – he’s enjoying the best of both worlds, with capital growth and positive cashflow in his portfolio. Congratulations to Sam – our 2020 Strategic Investor of the Year!

New Investor of the Year: Ryan Beck

Despite being in the property industry for less than five years, Ryan Beck has already built an incredible portfolio composed of all types of properties, from land to houses to duplexes. His initial reason for investing in property was to create a diversified retirement plan alongside my superannuation, but now he’s cashing out with big profits and making huge strides with his investment goals. Congratulations to Ryan – our 2020 New Investor of the Year!

Reno investors of the Year: Joy and Michael Williams

Having once achieved a sale that set a record for the suburb, Joy and Michael Williams now stand at the helm of a real estate legacy built on knowing how to flip even the roughest of gems into profit-generating property performers. They have generated 7-figure profits during their property journey, and they’re not slowing down any time soon. Congratulations to our 2020 Reno Investors of the Year: Joy and Michael Williams!

Read all about our winners and the successful strategies they used to build wealth from their property portfolios in the February 2020 issue of

Your Investment Property magazine.

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