A combination of population growth, an undersupply of rental stock and strong infrastructure investment, driven by major resources projects is creating the perfect environment for finding positive geared properties. 

Crawford Property Group CEO Ryan Crawford said: “The market developments and resource demographics we’re seeing

In Queensland mirror what has been happening in WA’s Pilbara region over the past decade, where huge infrastructure projects and rising populations have caused both rent and property prices to soar.” 

Crawford added that Gladstone is set to be a major player in Queensland’s resource centre. 

“It has a staggering $105bn in approved and planned infrastructure projects and with over $65bn currently under construction, rents have increased steadily and median house values rose 22% over the past two years. 

“Although the last 12 months has seen a rise in available land being released, its population is expected to increase by 33% by 2018, placing further constraints on the local housing market over the coming decade. 

For Crawford, what’s especially appealing about Gladstone is its accessibility. 

“Investors will be able to buy in as low as $500,000 for brand new properties," he said.