With Melbourne’s population set to grow by 95,000 people every year for the next 35 years, supporting these residents in terms of jobs and housing is of primary importance in the coming years. For David Joachim, founder of Melbourne-based property developer Third Street, the urban renewal project for Fishermans Bend will be a key driver for the development of Melbourne’s future planning policies.

“We can’t afford to let Fishermans Bend become another iteration of the Docklands,” said Joachim.

“From the outset, early provision of transport and infrastructure is needed to support population growth, as well as access to schools, well thought out public spaces, medical facilities, retail, and entertainment options.”

Joachim reiterated that this can only be realised if developers, planners, designers, and the government will work side-by-side “to ensure the best possible outcome for the site and its prosperity into the future.”

“By developing a number of opportunities for residents and workers to engage with the precinct, and by delivering them early on in the precinct’s lifecycle, we can encourage the creation of an authentic community that is the cornerstone of any new neighbourhood,” he said.

Joachim singled out the Wirraway precinct as one of the best locations in Fishermans Bend because of its family-friendly neighbourhood, extensive amenities and accessibility.

He also urged the property development industry to commit to the future success of Fishermans Bend.

“It’s now up to us as an industry to put our money where our mouths are and work together to deliver on this vision and ensure we all create the best possible versions of each project, in order to in turn ensure the long-term success of Fishermans Bend,” Joachim concluded.