The Queensland government is encouraging property owners across the state to participate in the Help to Home initiative.

Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch said the initiative has already helped provide homes for 116 people in its first four months.

“This is an encouraging sign and sets us up well to deliver more homes for Queenslanders through this initiative,” she said.

“Expressions of interest are still open for vacant, stand-alone houses, single or multi-unit properties that may be new to the market or not previously available for rent, including short-term or holiday accommodation or a property that has previously been used for commercial purposes.”

Help to Home is a program under the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative that seeks vacant properties from the private market to sublease to registered community housing providers (RCHP).

RCHP will manage the property and tenancy and deliver services to people eligible for social housing.

The program lays out a two-year arrangement to property owners, providing certainty of income while the least is in place.

The arrangement includes three months rent in advance, paid quarterly while the lease is in place.

Properties leased under the Help to Home scheme will be regularly inspected, ensuring good condition when they are returned to the owners.

The application process includes sending an expression of interest. Once approved, there will be an agreement phase.

Property owners and their agents can nominate properties anywhere in the State until 30 June 2023.


Photo by 89Stocker on Canva.