By 2019, an estimated 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video – a trend that savvy and forward-thinking landlords can leverage to their advantage.

In a sea of text-based information, video content can be a welcome respite for weary eyes, which is why video content is being increasingly utilised by the Australian real estate industry to strategically cut through.

Online property sales platforms like RealEstate and Domain use video in their online advertising, while many real estate agents report that video offers a strong selling point on social media.

As a result, many vendors are beginning to see the value in employing video-content creators when marketing their property for sale.

This is a trend that Steve Makris, co-founder of Real Estate Tube, believes has merits for the rental market as well. His online platform allows users to create engaging videos to attract housemates.

With the afore-mentioned Cisco study revealing that four out of five web users will be viewing video, this could be the direction that property marketing for both rentals and sales heads in moving forward.

“Images really don’t do the properties justice [as they] don’t allow potential buyers to see the size of the property and everything it entails,” Markis said.

“I decided to film the properties using my phone and email it to the buyers. Since that moment, and our incorporation of real estate videos, the company has had such a positive response from the public that I knew we were onto something unique.”

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